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Do you need to get rid of the old carpets in your home? Our master technicians at Hambleton Handyman offer quick and efficient carpet removal services.

Chevy Chase, MD Carpet Removal

You can get rid of old carpet without damaging your floor with the help of our master technicians at Hambleton Handyman. We want you to love the home you live in, so we will remove any overly-stained, damaged, or odor-ruined carpet for you. or odors, This leaves you free to enjoy living in a clean safe space, free of harmful allergens and odors that old carpets are notorious for holding on to. After the removal process has ended, we’ll consult with you directly to ensure that your home is left in tip-top shape.

Carpet removal can be a tricky task, but our team makes the proper preparations and has the necessary skill to make it look easy. We avoid harming the integrity of your home’s flooring by working carefully around moldings in order to remove your old carpets without any issue. Our professionals will also haul away everything left behind- including all those pesky tufts!

If you’re looking into removing the carpets from your Chevy Chase MD home, please contact us so we can work together and make the process easy for you.

At Hambleton Handyman, we have technicians and master carpenters that can tackle any project. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or major home renovations in Chevy Chase, Maryland; our handyman services cover just about everything! Speak with one of the team today by calling (240) 244-0322

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Local Reviews Near Chevy Chase:

“Your craftsman was great. He was very personable, easy to work with, and did a great job with the work he did.”

Caring Hands Animal Hospital

Rockville, MD

“The craftsman was safe and honest when working with us, we will be using him again.”

Amanda S.

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“The craftsman worked very quickly and efficiently.”

U’Nek C.

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FAQs About Handyman Services in Chevy Chase

How does pricing work with Hambleton Handyman?

Unlike many home services businesses, we charge based on time and materials. Any materials we purchase for your job we’ll simply bill to you at cost, so we don’t mark their price up at all. All the work we do, we do per the hour.

To cover travel costs, the first hour is more expensive, but subsequent hours are billed at the normal hourly rate. To make sure you’re serious about your project, we have you pay the first hour up front to get on our schedule. Then, we’ll send the technician out to look at the job and provide an estimate of how many hours it’s going to take. If you’re satisfied with the estimate, then he’ll plan on starting the job that very same day.

Isn’t that a strange pricing structure? Why don’t you offer fixed quotes for specific projects?

Actually, this pricing structure does a wonderful job of keeping your interests and ours aligned.

Construction is a complicated business. Material costs can be hard to predict, unexpected tasks can come to light, and homeowners can change their minds about what they’re looking for. Contractors who offer fixed prices quickly learn that they must estimate high to profit reliably. Otherwise, they must find ways to rush through the project, cut corners on quality, and get to the next project quickly.

A time and materials company, on the other hand, doesn’t have these pressures. We have no incentive to do poor quality work.

I still feel uncomfortable about the pricing. How do I know your technicians will work efficiently?

There are two reasons why you can be confident that our technicians will work efficiently and not waste your budget. First, our technicians have been doing this for years (sometimes decades!) and take great pride in their craft. They like this kind of work and have no desire to slack off.

Secondly, our company depends on repeat business and referrals. If you don’t like how our technicians work, you won’t call us back the next time you have a to-do list ready, and you won’t tell your friends good things about us. Unlike fixed price contractors, we’re motivated to respect your time and budget.

The best proof we have is reviews from happy clients.

“Easy scheduling and billing.”

Carolina C.

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“Your craftsman was great. He was very personable, easy to work with, and did a great job with the work he did.”

Caring Hands Animal Hospital

Rockville, MD