“The Results Were Shocking. I Wish I Had Called A Lot Sooner.”

Location: Arlington

Renee knew the kitchen countertops in her nephew’s home were left unfinished by previous contractors. What she didn’t know was that a poorly-installed backsplash had allowed water to leak into the basement. This had caused more damage and enabled mold growth.

After months of delays, she reached out to Hambleton for help.

Hambleton’s craftsman removed the mold and repaired the damage. He also made recommendations to help finish the kitchen in an efficient and beautiful way.

The experience left Renee both impressed with the work and relieved to have found a company she can trust to handle any future home repairs.

About the Project:

Renee is the legal guardian for her adult nephew with special needs who lives in his childhood home.

Although she lives in a different state, she visits him regularly and handles the upkeep of the house. Keeping his environment clean and in good shape enables him to continue living independently and improves his quality of life. As the manager of his estate, Renee works hard to strike a balance between using his funds carefully while also making sure things are taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

In the past, Renee tried to save money by sourcing different independent contractors to handle repairs as needed.

But when the kitchen countertops needed to be redone, she kept running into problems. Although the countertop itself was installed, the majority of the backsplash was not. The remaining pieces were taking up room upstairs, and the counter itself was difficult to use in its unfinished state.

While visiting a year after the project began, she noticed the section of backsplash behind the sink was peeling away from the wall. Shortly afterwards, her nephew’s care team called to let her know there was a leak in the basement directly below the kitchen sink.

She knew what had happened and decided to find a company who could fix the problem for good.

The Problem:

Renee needed a unique solution.

She needed a company that could fix the problems left behind by previous contractors while respecting her nephew’s situation. Most importantly, she needed a company she could trust to take care of everything in her absence.

Based on their positive online reviews and the range of services listed on their website, she decided to give Hambleton Handyman a try.

The Process:

After her initial call with Hambleton’s office team, she agreed to schedule the repair. She explained that the craftsman would have to let her know when he arrived and asked to be kept up to date on the progression of the work.

Over the first couple days, the craftsman looked into the leak and confirmed it was coming from water collecting behind the kitchen sink. He sent pictures and called regularly to let Renee know what he was finding and what the next steps would be.

After surveying the damage, it was necessary to remove the mold and mildew, repair the areas of the wall that were stained and warped, and replace the backsplash that came with the countertops.

Along the way he kept Renee updated, especially when he needed to buy more materials.

With past contractors, Renee preferred to buy the materials herself to save money and avoid extra fees. But, she shared that Hambleton’s no-markup policy and hourly billing model made things much easier:

“The craftsman would call and explain what he found and what he needed, so all I had to do was say ‘yes’ to keep things moving.

There were no surprises.”

The craftsman suggested using a marble backsplash that matched the custom-fitted counters, as it was a more cost-effective approach to replacing the damaged section

Along the way he continued to communicate with Renee, and she felt reassured that she was in good hands:

“I could tell he knew what he was talking about by what he was describing and what he needed to do to correct it. He raised some issues I hadn’t even considered.

I felt very blessed that he did know exactly what needed to be done and could address the issues.”

The Final Result:

Hambleton’s craftsman was able to safely remove all the mold, repair the water damage, install the functional backsplash, and then install the decorative tile backsplash.

The result was a clean and beautiful kitchen that Renee said “shocked” her nephew’s care team when they saw it.

She was also both relieved and happy with the results when she returned to visit her nephew after the project’s completion:

“Those tiles had been sitting upstairs for months and you couldn’t really use the kitchen counter well. Having the project done was such a relief. And then when I saw the finished product, it just looked so much nicer.

I was very pleased.”

Renee’s Thoughts About the Experience:

“It has always been a challenge to find someone. Finding this company that has been able to provide the necessary services – without me having to worry, track people down, or find out they don’t have the skill sets to do the job – has been well worth the cost. I should have called a lot sooner, a year sooner if I’m honest.

Even though I’m taking care of my nephew, I could see Hambleton being a great company for other caregivers. Children of older parents who might be living at home and rely on them, Hambleton would be a great company for them to call.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hambleton will be my first choice the next time the house needs something.”

At Hambleton Handyman, our goal is to give homeowners in our community a reliable resource for skilled home repairs and renovations.

We value the relationships we build with our clients and are grateful for their willingness to share their experiences using our team for their home projects.

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