“I Would Never Go Back to a Contractor Now. He Took Care of Everything.”

Location: Rockville

Lesley was no stranger to bathroom remodels.

She and her husband had previously hired an end-to-end contracting company to handle their first bathroom remodel. Although they liked the end result, they felt bamboozled by the process.

When it came time to redo the guest bathroom right off their kitchen, she had a specific vision in mind and wanted it done right, without the unpleasant surprises.

After using Hambleton to help knock some items off her home to-do list, she decided to let them start on the bathroom remodel, knowing the hourly rate meant she could stop at any time.

The craftsman was able to bring her vision to life, even when it required rearranging the entire bathroom and correcting issues that came up during the renovation. In spite of the unexpected problems, the craftsman finished on-time and within budget, leaving the bathroom even better than Lesley envisioned.

About the Project:

Lesley was pregnant with her second baby when she decided it was time to tackle the renovation of their guest bathroom.

She already had a vision in mind for the space. She just needed someone skilled enough to handle the work. She also wanted someone willing to discuss the plan as the remodel progressed, rather than hustle her through a predetermined agenda.

In the past, she had tried both ends of the home improvement spectrum.

The independent contractors had competitive pricing. But, they often cost more in the long run because of their mistakes and delays.

She had used an end-to-end remodel and design company for the renovation of their master bathroom a few years earlier. And although they were happy with the final result, the process was emotionally draining because of the constant pressure to overspend. It also left little room for flexibility.

She wanted to see if a third option was out there: a company that would respect their budget and have the skills necessary to do the job right the first time.

The Problem:

With a ticking clock and strict budget, Lesley didn’t have time to go through the ups and downs of working with an independent contractor or a remodeling business. She needed a company that could start on the project soon, be flexible if necessary as the remodel progressed, and leave the bathroom finished and fully functional before her baby arrived.

After having a positive experience using Hambleton Handyman for other, small house projects, she noticed that they advertised bathroom remodels on their site and decided to call.

Their ability to start the project within a couple weeks was a big positive and helped her go ahead and schedule the renovation.

The Process:

The first thing Hambleton’s craftsman did when he arrived to start the bathroom remodel was have Lesley explain her vision for the space and her goals for the project.

Since staying within budget was a high priority, he told her upfront how many hours he estimated the project would take. He then explained how different layouts and design decisions could lower costs and shorten the project time. She appreciated how respectful he was of both her ideas and of her budget:

“It was important to me that we didn’t go way overboard. I felt that the craftsman really respected that.

He saw this as an opportunity for additional business with the company, so he wasn’t going to push us into anything that made us uncomfortable.”

With a plan in mind, he started the work but encountered a problem early on with the flooring. The floorboards underneath the bathroom were unstable. After getting the go-ahead from Lesley, he reinforced it and was able to continue the project without any delays.

As the remodel progressed, this became a common theme. Things would come up that would either threaten the original plan for the space or that were concerns from a safety standpoint. The craftsman would let Lesley know, then fix it appropriately without any need to bring in other contractors or add time to the project.

Lesley shared that this was exactly the kind of professional care and expertise they were looking for:

“There was no pressure to do anything. He just gave us the opportunity to address things if we wanted to while the walls and floors were already open and exposed. It was a really honest and thorough experience.

He clearly takes pride in his work and we benefited greatly from that.”

Due to the difficult configuration of the space, the remodel required a wide range of expertise.

The craftsman was able to use his years of experience to make recommendations that were cost-effective but still achieved the look Lesley wanted. To accomplish this, one plumbing system had to be moved and another built from scratch. Air vents had to be rerouted, the shower and toilet relocated, and new lighting installed. He was able to handle everything on his own.

All Lesley had to do was okay the plan for the day and he would get to work.

“We would check in first thing when he arrived, then touch base in the afternoon. Sometimes I had to leave for work meetings or would take my son for a walk and I could just leave the door unlocked for him and he would get to work.

He left things immaculate. If you didn’t open the door, you couldn’t even tell a renovation was happening.”

In addition to his work on the bathroom, Lesley shared it was incredibly helpful to “have an expert on hand” to help when other things came up around the house. Because of the hourly rate, she could add little things to his list and he would take care of them while he was there.

The hourly approach gave her peace of mind throughout the process:

“Everything with the last company was built into a contract. As soon as you mess with things in the contract, it opens the door to unanticipated costs.

I really liked that with Hambleton it was all hourly and the materials were at cost. So, at any point in the process we could pause and make different decisions if anything came up we didn’t anticipate. We could also add to his list and he would just take care of it.

It was a relief.”

The Final Result:

In the end, even with the unexpected issues and added odd jobs, the craftsman was on track to finish early and under-budget. This allowed Lesley and her husband to change the pattern of the shower tile to one they preferred. With the added time and expense from this adjustment, the craftsman still finished right on time and the final bill matched the original estimate.

“He did a phenomenal job. After this experience, we’ve realized that the concerns we ran into probably exist in the other bathroom we remodeled first and were never addressed. We’re living with those now. But he worked to create a better atmosphere in our home.”

The finished project turned out beautifully and their guests love using the space. “It was nice because I saw my vision come to life without lifting a finger,” Lesley said.

Lesley’s Thoughts About the Experience:

“The craftsman was at our house every day for four weeks. He was always punctual and considerate. He really treated it like it was his house and his renovation.

I would never go back to a contractor now. I’ve given out their information to my friends and have a growing list of things we want to do once our newborn is a little older. They’ll be the first call when we’re ready!”

At Hambleton Handyman, our goal is to give homeowners in our community a reliable resource for skilled home repairs and renovations.

We value the relationships we build with our clients and are grateful for their willingness to share their experiences using our team for their home projects.

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