Handyman Services in Fairfax, VA: Siding Repair

Siding Repair in Fairfax,VA

Worried that the outside integrity of your home may be at risk?  Our master technicians are well experienced in siding repair. Our technicians are skilled in repairing many types of siding, the most common of which are Cement Fiber Board, Vinyl, and Wood.

Cement Fiber Board is a relatively new product in the home exterior market, but it has already surpassed both wood and vinyl as the best product on the market.  It is more costly to install, but once on your house will look great and is very durable. Although it requires more painting, it is a non-combustible material and immune to decay.

Vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance and cost effective. Vinyl is usually easy to repair; the tricky part is finding the correct piece to match your existing style and color.  We have experience with getting the right product for your house.  If we cannot find the right one for some reason (which does occasionally happen) we will present you with another solution.

Wood siding requires the most maintenance out of the three materials, but the sight of a home sided in splendid wood is impressive to behold. Wood siding must be painted or stained every 5 years. It is very susceptible to damage and decay otherwise. Popular varieties of wood include pine, cedar, and fir. Our technicians are able to identify the warning signs that may indicate your siding is in need of repair. Some of these include:

  • paint cracking
  • damage from insects
  • nail holes
  • boards that have become warped over time.
  • Rotting or decaying wood

Our skills render hiring a contractor for an inspection obsolete, saving our clients time and money. Our technicians will remain on site until they have completed the job, ensuring that it has been carried out with quality and consideration. Our technicians have all passed background and drug testing, as well as completed our rigorous training program. When it comes to siding repair, problems must be stopped before they have a chance to start, and our master technicians can provide a means to that end. If you’re interested in siding repair for your Fairfax, VA home, contact us today!

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