“No Matter What They Find, These Guys Are Able to Figure It Out!”

Location: Ashburn

Since Purchasing Her First Home in 2021, Lauren Has Hired Hambleton for a Variety of Repairs. They Remain Her Go-To for Home Projects.

Lauren bought her first home in 2021. After some initial renovations, she still had a short list of unfinished tasks. But, she had a hard time finding a company willing to help with her various small projects. A neighbor mentioned Hambleton Handyman, so she gave them a call.

Since tackling her initial move-in to-do list, Hambleton has helped Lauren with a range of home improvements. These include painting, door repairs and installations, HVAC work, and extensive electrical work. Their professionalism and creativity when facing unexpected issues impresses her each time. She continues to call them when projects arise and recommends them to her family and friends.

Completed Projects and Repairs Include:

  • “Move-in Ready” Touch Ups, like painting baseboards and updating electrical outlets
  • Installing Cat Doors
  • Repairing/Installing Interior Doors
  • Changing Light Bulbs in Second-Story Fixtures
  • Weatherstripping
  • Rolling Ladder Installation
  • Troubleshooting Inconsistent Shower Water Temperature
  • Adding/Installing an HVAC vent
  • Fixing Electrical Issues related to doorbell and front entry light

Hambleton: A Valuable Resource for Any Homeowner:

As a new homeowner, Lauren wasn’t sure who to call for some of the lingering projects she had on her list. She hired a general contractor to renovate a few areas of the house after purchasing it. But before settling in, there were little things like replacing outlets and touching up the baseboards that she wanted done to give the home a nice refresh. Finding someone to do those things was harder than she thought:

“Finding a handyman was really hard in the beginning. If you search ‘handyman’, you just get General Contractors, and GCs don’t want smaller jobs. A neighbor mentioned seeing Hambleton’s van in the area, and so I called. They were the cherry on top!”

After working with Hambleton the first time, Lauren was pleasantly surprised by how many different things their craftsmen were able to handle. She started keeping a list as things came up, then called them back in the Fall. Before both visits, she went over her list with Hambleton’s office staff while they added her to the schedule. Then, they matched her with a craftsman whose skills best suited her list. Even in situations where she didn’t know what the exact problem was, the craftsman was able to figure it out and fix it for her:

“The craftsmen don’t know what they’re walking into in anyone’s house, but these guys have to be able to just figure it out and roll with it and get creative. That’s pretty cool!”

While some of the things were simple, like installing cat doors or changing the lightbulbs in her loft ceiling fan (“They had to bring a huge ladder, and one guy held it while the other climbed it. I could hardly watch, but the craftsman was having the time of his life up there!”), there were projects that proved to be more complicated than they seemed. In Lauren’s case, these all came down to problems with her electrical wiring.

The Handyman Difference – Tackling Complex Electrical Issues:

In two different instances, Lauren called Hambleton for help with electrical problems that proved to be more complicated than they seemed. In the first scenario, the original task was to replace a few light fixtures. But, while they were installing the back porch light, it shorted and stopped working. Since she was already having her siding replaced, Lauren told them to come back when the wires were exposed so they could diagnose the problem. Hambleton was sure to have a craftsman there when Lauren called.

After finding the short and leaving instructions for the siding company about how to work around it, they made a plan to return after the siding was finished. When the siding crew did not follow their instructions, Hambleton’s craftsman still found a way to fix the wiring, re-install the light, and make sure all the fixtures were working. Because troubleshooting these issues was all part of completing the original lighting job, Lauren shared that the additional visits and work were completed under the company’s service warranty. She said this is typical of their great customer service:

“They are a very human-oriented company. Sometimes the job takes longer than anticipated or something doesn’t go the way they think it will, but they don’t make me pay an arm and a leg to figure it out.”

The second electrical issue had to do with light switches. The first craftsman could not figure out why one of the switches would not turn on the right light. Hambleton sent one of their master craftsmen to look closer. It ended up taking half the day and some complicated, additional wiring to make the switches work. Lauren explained that in these situations, having a handyman company handling the work made a big difference:

“With a General Contractor, you’re doing something specific and pre-planned, like a bathroom or painting. With a handyman, it’s a collaboration. And when things change, they keep coming back until they figure it out. They know what they’re doing and they have a good system.”

Why She Recommends Hambleton:

As a single, female homeowner, it gives Lauren peace of mind to have a company she can trust to come out and take care of home projects she either doesn’t have time for or can’t do on her own:

“I feel like they know me, even though they don’t. Having different people in your house could be awkward for someone in my position. I’ve always found Hambleton easy to have around. I’ve never been uncomfortable.”

She keeps a running list, and when she has the budget to tackle things on it, she just calls them up and they add her to the schedule.

“Instead of a honey-do list, it’s a Hambleton do-list! They’ve helped me tackle 90% of what I’ve needed to do on this house over the last few years. My brother also hired them for a ton of different things. He even had them mount his Christmas lights! I never would have thought about that.”

She includes them on her list of recommended contractors that she shares with her family and friends. “I’m happy to recommend them,” she shared, “They do great work!”

At Hambleton Handyman, our goal is to give homeowners in our community a reliable resource for skilled home repairs and renovations. We value the relationships we build with our clients and are grateful for their willingness to share their experiences using our team for their home projects.

If you’re ready to see why our team is your neighbor’s go-to for home projects and maintenance, call Hambleton Handyman today! Secure your place on our schedule by calling: 833-524-5500.