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There’s so much to enjoy in Lincoln County, NC…

Welcome to Lincoln County, North Carolina! Named for Benjamin Lincoln—a Revolutionary War general—the county formed in 1779 from the eastern part of Tryon County, first settled by Europeans in the mid-18th Century. The county seat is Lincolnton; other towns in the county include Denver, Iron Station, Lowesville, and Westport. It has a strong reputation for outdoor recreation activities. Below are some of the best attractions in Lincoln County, NC.

Located in the historic courthouse building in downtown Lincolnton, the Lincoln County Museum of History tells the region’s story from its earliest days to the present through artifacts, documents, and photographs. The museum also offers educational programs for all ages. Admission is free and open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Woodmill Winery is a family-owned and -operated business in Vale, NC. It was founded in 2003 by David and Cindy Wood and now produces diverse wines, including Muscadine, Scuppernong, Blueberry, Blackberry, and Special Blended Wines. The winery also offers numerous events, including live music, wine tastings, and tours.

Located in Denver, NC, Beatty’s Ford Park is situated on the shores of Lake Norman and offers a variety of amenities: a playground, picnic areas, a swimming pool, a splash pad, a walking trail, sports fields, and more. Its name refers to a family of early settlers to the area, who operated a ferry across Lake Norman in the early 1800s. The park was established in 1972 and has become a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

A Lincoln County, NC, handyman saves you time and stress…

Lincoln County, NC, is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a vibrant fusion of history, culture, and modern entertainment. With museums, art galleries, amusement parks, and more, there’s something for everyone. We want you to make the most of your time, so we are happy to take your home improvement projects off your hands and save you the hassle of doing it yourself. From fixing a leaky pipe to changing a lightbulb, we are here to help!

… so that you’ll have the time and energy to do the things you love.

With Hambleton Handyman, you can take care of your home improvement projects without having to find the time to do it yourself. You’ll be able to enjoy your meal at a local destination, confident that you’ve had an expert take care of your home maintenance. For help from Hambleton, just call (704) 251-0797.

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Local Reviews Near Lincoln County, NC:

"Results were better than expected!  The craftsman was fantastic!"

Guy S.

"The craftsman has an excellent professional manner and was superb at explaining the issues and how to resolve them."

Jim H.

"Office personnel, project scheduler, and the workman were all outstanding. The assigned workman for my projects was on time, and did a great job on the roof shingle repairs and changing motion detector lights."

Eileen P.

FAQs About Handyman Services in Lincoln County, NC

How does the weather in Lincoln County, NC, affect handyman work?

Lincoln County, NC, swings between an average of 80°F in July and 42°F in January. While our craftsmen are happy to work no matter the temperature, some jobs can only be done when the temperature is right. For example, oil-based paint requires between 40°- 90° F to dry.

Also, some exterior work can’t be completed during heavy rain. Lincoln County, NC, sees around 2.11 inches of rain on average in March, so particularly during the rainy season, exterior work is more subject to rescheduling.

What handyman services should someone who is buying or selling a home in Lincoln County, NC, consider?

Homes in Lincoln County, NC, are quite valuable: the median home sales price was $435K in February 2023. It makes sense to take care of an asset that valuable. At Hambleton Handyman, we specialize in a variety of home improvements. As a home buyer or seller, you can avoid countless headaches by hiring one company to handle all your home improvement needs.

"He was very detailed and took his time to perform all the work."

Ramrick G.

"The workers are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They did the job properly the first time."

Paul P.