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There’s so much to enjoy in Gaston County, NC…

Welcome to Gaston County, North Carolina! Located in the southern Piedmont region, Gaston County was formed in 1846 from parts of Lincoln and Mecklenburg Counties and named for William Gaston, an NC Representative and justice of the state’s Supreme Court. The first European settlers in Gaston County were Scotch-Irish immigrants who arrived in the early 18th century. Gaston County was a major center of the textile industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries but has since diversified its economy to include manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Below are some of the best attractions in Gaston County, NC.

Located in Gastonia, NC, the Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium offers a variety of exhibits on natural history that include dinosaurs, animals, and plants. It also has a planetarium where visitors can learn more about astronomy and space exploration. Founded in 1971 by Dr. George Schiele, a local physician, the museum’s educational programming revolves around field trips, after-school programs, and summer camps.

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden features a variety of plants across its rolling meadows, woodlands, and lakefront property in Belmont, NC. It also hosts numerous walking trails, a lake, and a 13,500-square-foot Visitor Pavilion with a breathtaking 100-year-old stained-glass dome. Native Americans of the Catawba and Cherokee tribes once raised their families as well as trapped, fished, and hunted on these grounds. These days, we offer garden tours, classes, and special events for those interested.

Situated on the outskirts of Gastonia, Crowders Mountain State Park sits within the Crowders Mountain range and includes the peaks of Crowders Mountain and The Pinnacle. Crowders is a popular destination for outdoor recreation offering hiking, camping, rock climbing, and fishing. Between these options and its educational programming, Crowders has something for everyone.

A Gaston County, NC, handyman saves you time and stress…

Gaston County, NC, is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a vibrant fusion of history, culture, and modern entertainment. With museums, art galleries, amusement parks, and more, there’s something for everyone. We want you to make the most of your time, so we are happy to take your home improvement projects off your hands and save you the hassle of doing it yourself. From fixing a leaky pipe to changing a lightbulb, we are here to help!

… so that you’ll have the time and energy to do the things you love.

With Hambleton Handyman, you can take care of your home improvement projects without having to find the time to do it yourself. You’ll be able to enjoy your meal at a local destination, confident that you’ve had an expert take care of your home maintenance. For help from Hambleton, just call (704) 251-0797.

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Local Reviews Near Gaston County, NC:

"Our craftsman was great!  He was very polite, professional, and extremely good and efficient at repairing our window and exterior house wall that had sustained damage due to a water leak."

Ryan M.

"The craftsman was very quick and very skilled. He did a great job."

Kyle G.

"He was an excellent craftsman and very thorough and nice. I would always request him for future work."

Janice W.

FAQs About Handyman Services in Gaston County, NC

How does the weather in Gaston County, NC, affect handyman work?

Temperatures in Gaston County, NC, swing between an average of 79°F in July and 40°F in January. While our craftsmen are happy to work no matter the temperature, some jobs can only be done when the temperature is right. For example, oil-based paint requires between 40°- 90° F to dry.

Also, some exterior work can’t be completed during heavy rain. Gaston County, NC, sees around 1.99 inches of rain on average in July, so particularly during the rainy season, exterior work is more subject to rescheduling.

What handyman services should someone who is buying or selling a home in Gaston County, NC, consider?

Homes in Gaston County, NC, are quite valuable: the median home sales price was $290K in February 2023. It makes sense to take care of an asset that valuable. At Hambleton Handyman, we specialize in a variety of home improvements. As a home buyer or seller, you can avoid countless headaches by hiring one company to handle all your home improvement needs.

"Great communication, the craftsman was knowledgeable and a good problem-solver. Very open to helping with a variety of tasks! Also very friendly. Worked diligently to get the jobs done efficiently."

Jane D.

"On time, efficient, knowledgeable and easy to work with."

Theresa R.