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There’s so much to enjoy in Germantown…

Germantown, Maryland is one of our northernmost services areas in Maryland. The town is situated north of Gaithersburg and is about an hour’s drive from Washington, DC. Germantown was founded in the 19th century and later developed in the mid 20th century by European immigrants. The area was originally divided into six villages and a downtown area for commerce. Germantown is now a bustling suburb and offers many activities for leisure and entertainment.

The area is a great place to spend time outdoors and get out into nature. Germantown is home to many parks and nature trails. Among these are the Hoyles Mill Conservation Park, the Black Hill Regional Park, and Goshen Branch Stream Valley Park. Another prominent Germantown feature is the Germantown Sportsplex, which is a massive outdoor area that plays host to many soccer fields, baseball diamonds, recreational parks, and a large indoor swim center. There is also a Topgolf venue located in Germantown, so there are many options if you are looking for recreational opportunities in Germantown, MD.

Germantown is also a robust cultural center in Maryland. The town is the home of the Black Rock Center for the Arts, which is one of the largest venues for performing and visual arts in Montgomery County MD. The arts center provides entertainment to over 40,000 people every year and hosts international touring talent on a routine basis. One little-known fact about Germantown is that several members of the band Hootie and The Blowfish attended Seneca Valley High School, which is located in Germantown.

A Germantown handyman saves you time and stress…

Germantown has a lot to offer its residents, so we want to help you spend as much time as possible enjoying the opportunities around town. At Hambleton Handyman, our master craftsmen are eager to spearhead your home improvement projects and save you the hassle of doing it yourself. From fixing a pipe leak to installing new drywall, we are here to help!

… so that you’ll have the time and energy to do the things you love.

With Hambleton Handyman, you can take care of your home improvement projects without having to find the time to do it yourself. You’ll be able to enjoy your meal at the local restaurant, confident that you’ve had an expert take care of your home maintenance. And you’ll be able to invite your neighbors over into a home that you’re proud to show off.

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“The guys were great! Arrived on time, very courteous and excellent problem solvers.”

Angelina P.

Interior Services in Germantown, MD

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Diane F.

Bathroom Repair in Germantown, MD

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Interior Work in Germantown, Maryland

Germantown Neighborhoods We Serve:

  • Brownstown
  • Neelsville
  • Town Center

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FAQs About Handyman Services in Germantown

How does the weather in Germantown affect handyman work?

Temperatures in Germantown, MD swing between quite warm - mid-July has an average temperature of 78°F - and quite cold: the average temperature in late January is 34°F. While our craftsmen are happy to work no matter the temperature, some jobs can only be done when the temperature is right. Oil-based paint needs temperatures between 40°- 90° F, for example.

Also, some exterior work can’t be completed during heavy rain. Germantown, MD sees higher than average rainfall in May, so particularly during that month, exterior work is more subject to rescheduling.

What handyman services should someone who is buying or selling a home in Germantown consider?

Homes in Germantown are quite valuable, averaging around $370K in 2021. It makes sense to take care of an asset that valuable. At Hambleton Handyman, we specialize in home improvement lists - as a home buyer or seller, it can save you many headaches to get all your home improvement needs handled through one company.

“The craftsman was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

Carl S.

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“Easy scheduling and billing.”

Carolina C.

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