Projects You Should Hire Interior Handyman For

When it comes to home maintenance and improvement, many homeowners attempt to make repairs on their own and turn it into a DIY project. DIY projects are great if you happen to be a home repairs or renovation expert. However, if you do not know much about home improvement, it’s best not to attempt a seemingly simple home repair job alone. Even if you find crystal-clear instructions and tutorial videos online, you could end up with a big mess, or you may even do more damage to your home.

To ensure your project gets done properly, is finished on time, and does not exceed your budget, you should trust a professional handyman. Hambleton Handyman offers interior handyman services in Northern Virginia. Here are just a few interior repairs or improvement projects you should call us to complete:

Carpet Removal

Carpet looks great and feels soft underfoot, but sometimes carpet can cause problems. A house flood may soak your carpet and promote mold growth. A carpet can also absorb allergens, stains, and odors that can cause health complications. In these cases, you need to remove your carpet. If you try to remove your carpet on your own, you could damage the flooring underneath or even harm yourself. Hambleton Handyman’s experts will ensure your carpet is removed and disposed of properly. Our experts are highly trained and experienced, and know how to avoid causing damage when removing carpet.

Bathroom Repair

You rely so much on your bathroom every day—so you need to ensure it always works properly. A stubborn clogged toilet or jammed cabinet door may seem like a quick DIY fix, but the last thing you want is to make things worse. Hambleton Handyman provides a variety of bathroom repair services, including caulking and grout cleaning, faucet replacement and repair, and cabinet drawer repair. Our technicians will quickly and accurately fix the problem in your bathroom so you can get your daily routine back on track in no time.


You may view painting as a simple task you can tackle on your own, but for the best results, you should hire interior handyman services. Laying down a tarp, winding painter’s tape around trim, and applying several coats of paint is very time consuming and challenging. A professional handyman can make the painting process much easier. At Hambleton Handyman, all of our technicians are highly experienced painters. They know how to take care of walls, flooring, and carpet to ensure a smooth, clean paint job.

Why Choose Hambleton for Interior Handyman Services?

Hambleton Handyman, the Home Repair Experts, offers interior handyman services in Northern Virginia. We know that life moves fast and you may not have the time or expertise to fix a home repair issue on your own.  We are dedicated to providing accurate and quick service to ensure your life gets back on track as soon as possible.  Our interior handyman services can fix any issue inside your home.

Choosing Hambleton means choosing expert work. Our master technicians…

  • Have a minimum of 15 years’ experience
  • Have passed our rigorous training program
  • Are licensed and insured
  • Are background and drug tested
  • Are professional and courteous

If you’re looking for interior handyman services in Northern Virginia, contact us today at (703) 795-2338!