Simple Basement Renovations that your Handyman can Tackle!

As the holiday season approaches, it may be time to update your basement before guests arrive! Basements can be convenient gathering places, entertainment centers, living areas for guests, and more. Did you know that just a few simple jobs from your local handyman can significantly update your existing basement? Here are a few of the most popular minor basement renovations in the Northern Virginia area:

  1. Carpet Replacement can totally update the look and feel of a basement. Either opting for a new color, texture, or even to make the switch to laminate or hardwood really transforms a space.
  2. Painting walls to create contrast or revitalize your basement is a great way to transform the area quickly while keeping costs low.
  3. Bathroom Updates can be just the thing to make guest areas located in basements more comfortable for holiday visitors.
  4. Lighting changes like the installation of recessed lighting, track lighting, or pendant fixtures can not only brighten things up, but make the whole space feel more modern/contemporary.
  5. Knocking Out a Wall can open up your basement and make it a more effective gathering area for parties, family get togethers, and holiday celebrations. Many Northern Virginia homeowners have non load-bearing walls in their basements that unnecessarily divide square footage.
  6. Finishing of an unfinished basement can add hundreds of functional square feet to your home.

If you’re hosting holiday guests this season, make sure to contact us to find out more about the simple and effective updates you can make to your basement! We’re experts in basement renovations, and as handymen we know how to get the job done quickly. Call today, or book an appointment online.