By Thomas Hambleton

A little over 12 years ago I entered the construction industry with a small remodeling company in Arlington, Virginia. My brother David was also working with this company.  We did everything from interior kitchen renovations to full blown whole house remodels with additions and second stories. 

During my time with this company we built a lot of custom cabinets and entertainment centers. I really loved working with wood and my hands. It was in these moments where I grew a deep appreciation and respect for the remodeling industry. As the years progressed so did my experience and love for building spaces that people wanted to be in.
In December of 2005 my brother David and I left that company and started Hambleton Construction.  Over the years we have built a great team here at our company.  I know that everyone on our team really takes pride in creating beautiful and functional spaces for families.  We continue to grow every year and we are very grateful for the success we have had thus far.

Our customers began calling us asking for general home maintenance, so we started Hambleton Handyman as a way of responding to those calls, with continued emphasis on making our customers happy and keeping their homes in great shape.
In between work and family activities with my wife and our 5 children, I still enjoy working with my hands and making things out of wood.  My most recent project was a small weaning table I built out of white oak for my niece.  I had to plane down all the legs from rough-cut lumber to make them nice and uniform, but it was a lot of fun. I hope to be able to start another project soon. For me, there’s nothing like working with my hands!

For my brother David and I, our work, family activities and side projects keep us whole, happy and productive. But whether we are at our homes or at work, our goal is to serve others, and we make sure to hire those who feel the same. Our sense has always been that we aren’t just in the business of repairing and remodeling homes – we are in the business of serving people, and this is what gives our jobs meaning.

As the years progressed, so did my experience and love for building spaces that people wanted to be in.

Our goal is to serve others, and we hire those who feel the same.